A Load In Every Hole #5 (2003)

Take His Wife – Please! Some day, these girls will be married with children. What do you think their husbands will say if they see this video? "Honey, you never told me you whored out all three of your holes on film! And you let them all cum inside you?! I still have to wear a condom because you’re not on birth control. And yet you allowed three filthy strangers to blow out your ass and deposit their seed inside your body as if they were kings? I have to buy you diamonds to win your love, while these guys got paid to defile you and high-fived each other at the end?!" – Shut up and mow the lawn, dear.

Cast : Talon, Rod Fontana, Jay Ashley, Olivia Saint, Steve Hatcher, Vic Sinister
Genres : Anal, Anal Creampie, Cumshots, Double Penetration, Gangbang
Studio : Kick Ass

Format: avi
Size: 1.38 GB
Video: 720 x 540
Duration: 01:32:26



Category: Full XxX Movies