Thank You Husband Massage and Fuck Me (2016) WEBRip
MP4|848×480|398.33 MB

Country: USA
Director: Sally D’Angelo
Studio: City Slutz
Genre: Threesome, Amateur, Interracial, Grannies, Black Dicks / White Chicks
Cast: Sally D’Angelo
Duration: 00:18:53

Description: My husband is such a good cuckold, he got me not one but two very nice looking black men to fuck his wife, is not that sweet of him? Plus they both have 10 "tools to work me over with, and mmmm do they give it to me good to. While one is fucking me from behind the other has his rod in my mouth. First they strip off naked, massage to relax me , then it’s BALLS DEEP FUCKING. Ooooooh thank you husband, I’ve been needing a good FUCK.

Category: XXX Movies