Powerless To Have Sex (2014) WEBRip
MP4|848×480|486.63 MB

Country: USA
Director: Sally D’Angelo
Studio: Sally D’Angelo
Genre: Anal, Big Tits, Threesome, Amateur, MILFs
Cast: Sally D’Angelo
Duration: 00:23:13

Description: Sally gets home and notices the pool company out working on the pool, being the social butterfly that she is, she trots out to say hello, she knows the (new owner) and once had a brief fling with him, but Squirt thinks it was more than just a fling, things start to get a little rough and before long she is in the middle of a HOT three way, being a domme herself she does not quite know what to think of the situation, "what’s this, Sally D’angelo being told what to do "" and they even fuck her virgin ass "but with a little coaxing she right back on her game and wears the" Boy’s "out … the moral of the story is, do not mess with a cougar, they know a lot more than what you think they do. Fantastic 3-way action with DP / anal / blow / jobs and rough fucking.



Category: XXX Movies