Monika (2012) WEBRip
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Country: USA
Studio: GirlGuru
Genre: Euro, International
Starring: Monika, Ariel, Jasmin, Till Kraemer, Cristian Devil
Duration: 00:42:44

Description: The very intense look of her huge brown eyes is what strikes you first about the blonde Czech girl Monika. At 21, she is still very young, and she looks incredibly natural, captivating the audience with her fresh laughter, but she exudes a calm professionalism already. Although she is not a true professional – in fact she is studying taxation. Sex, however, is much more fun. Monika’s hobbies include dancing, fitness, and her boyfriend – with whom she later wants to start a family. He is a porn actor as well, and it’s because of him that she’s in the porn business. Both have other partners on camera – but with him, so Monika explains, it’s always something very special. With him she had the first and the best sex of her life. With the extremely well-hung surprise guest who joins her afterwards, she pulls off a hot show, moaning passionately. Of course he also has the pleasure of feeling her tongue piercing when she gives head. Although his cock is really large she sucks it almost completely into her mouth. Anal sex with her, however, is an absolute no-go. When he tries it, she tells him off very strictly. But he is allowed to take her doggy-style, in her favorite position!

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