Liaisons Coupables

Issued: Marc Dorcel
Genre: All Sex
Starring: Chris Lerique, Helena Mirelli, Michaelle Anders, Sandra Morins, Sandy Flesh, Stephany Teglia, Valerie Sidy, William Grey, Jean-Pierre Armand, Jacques Marbeuf, Pierre Costa, Alain L’Yle, Roberto Malone, Etienne Jaumillot
Duration: 1:32:09

Whenever there’s a wedding, the whole family gets together. That there will be disagreements is almost certain. That the family members seduce each other and indulge in sexual activities is unusual. It’s the rule in this movie, not only is the bride being fondled by the father in law, the younger brother is groped by aunts or chamber-maids. The flick is mainly set in a beautiful country house, two scenes at an eccentric night-club where the guests quickly become fuck-crazy and engage in wild orgies. As speciality they have a toilet cubicle with holes in the walls. When two ladies get sexy in there, money and later dicks-to-be-wanked are suddenly shoved through those holes … There’s special attention to kinky underwear too, the ladies all wear suspenders and cute knickers.

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Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 32 kb / s
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Category: XXX Movies