Les Petites Voraces
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Released: Wave
Genre: All sex
Cast: Laura Clair, Jacques Marbeuf, Carole Pierac, Jacky Arnal, Richard Leblond, Marie-Christine Chireix, Brigitte Nadiegda, John Oury, Christine Chavert, Hubert Ceylan
Duration: 1:09:53

Eric Magnan, son of the CEO Hubert Magnan, of a small beauty products firm, he took courses in sexology at the university. He would like to do some practical work with the secretary Martine and Patricia the typist of his father. For this he sets up a company project at the "Inn of the Golden Wheat" it is the ideal place, he would have the best of both worlds, his father left for Paris … "Inn of the Golden Wheat"! on business hours earlier with Choute, a beautiful mistress. Suzy Magnan, happy in the absence of her son and her husband was preparing a sexy week-end away with her lover … at the "Inn of the Golden Wheat"! what Follows is hilarious … and the pill more than helpful!



Category: XXX Movies