Hopes Helpful Hands (2016) WEBRip
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Country: USA
Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Genre: Straight, Oral, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Footjobs, Big Boobs, Older Men, Teens
Starring: Hope Harper
Duration: 1 hrs. 16 mins.

Description: This is one girl who does not mind getting her hands dirty! She’s not too bad with her feet either! These Are Hope’s "Helpful" Stores: I was helping a friend of mine on a construction site the other day and ran into a snag. One of the lights I was working on was way too tight so I needed a hand thankfully you showed up. Of course I knew you’d want something in return so let me stroke that big cock of yours. You like how naughty I can be on a construction site do not you? Mmm you’re precumming every time my mouth wets your cock. That’s it baby cum all over my hands and then lend me one of yours. There is never anything to watch on TV and I’m so bored! I hope Uncle Jack is still here, I could really sue some company. Thankfully he was and was not opposed to me playing with his cock .. I love his cock and how hard it is. It feels so good all oiled up between my feet and hands. Slipping and sliding all over. He also did not seem to be upset that I started riding his cock nice and slow and deep. It hits the spot every time, making me cum all over him. But I really just wanted to play with his cock with my feet and feels his nice hot cum on my soles. Sometimes a girl just can not get enough cock and I found a way to satisfy my cravings. Security guards like you are my favorite. I love when you watch me stumble into the bathrooms looking drunk and come to check on me. You’re exactly what I’m craving with that big cock of yours That’s right I’ll give myself the "breathalyzer" while you watch. There you go officer I feel you throbbing in my mouth ready to explode. Mmm now that’s incocksicating is not it? I’m so happy you came over today Professor. I wanted to talk to you about my grades and if there is anyway I can give you a hand with anything to help my grade out a bit. And I think you know exactly what I am talking about and of course you did not object. Your big hard cock feels so good between my hands Professor. I really hope this gives me some extra credit points. I promise I will not tell anyone about our agreement. I know you are mad at me for breaking your TV daddy! I told you I would get you a new one as soon as I can. But I know of one thing that I can do to keep you entertained Daddy. I can suck that big hard cock and give you something better to watch. I know how much you enjoy it when I tease your dick and swallow all of your warm cum! Told you I would make up for it Daddy. While I was out tanning I smelled something amazing coming form the kitchen. I found some yummy brownies but you would not ‘let until I gave you something first. I got down to my knees and started sucking your big hard dick. Stroking and licking you until you blow all over my pretty titties. Thank you for your cum but now about that brownie.



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