Evil Grandma Vampire Taboo (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848×480|350.55 MB

Country: USA
Director: Sally D’Angelo
Studio: City Slutz
Genre: Big Tits, Amateur, Incest, Family Roleplay, Grannies, Vampires
Cast: Sally D’Angelo
Duration: 00:16:34

Description: Vampire Queen Mistress Sally D’Angelo, after thousands of years of immortality, has found one of her descendants and wants to not only turn him into an immortal like herself, but turn him on to the immoral and lust filled life of being a powerful vampire. She has him believing that she’s his sweet grandmother. But waiting for him to arrive to take her to a "Halloween party", her intent is filled with taboo and sinister intentions to seduce him, fuck him, bite and drink from his neck, tease his cock with her fangs, turn him, and then make him into her fuck toy slave. We watch as the evil Queen hatches her dark plan with wicked precision … He never had a chance as she drinks from his neck after an intense taboo fuck, then after he’s paralyzed she turns and bites his cock to turn him into a vampire. You’ve never seen an erotic vampire movie like this one, Sally D’Angelo has gone over the top again with a cum draining production that makes the competition simply vanish.



Category: XXX Movies