Dealing With Daddy (2016/WEBRip/SD)
MP4|852×480|2.49 GB

Country: USA
Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Genre: Incest, Family Roleplay, Big Boobs, Naturally Busty, Older Men, Teens, Star Showcase
Starring: Hope Harper
Duration: 1 hrs. 26 mins.

Description: Daddy, uncle and brother all get special family time with Hope. Dealing with Daddy and the rest of my family can be pretty intense and exciting. Here’s a few of the family adventures you’ll find inside. Daddy’s Deals – Good morning Daddy, I hope you had a good night because I’ve got a long day planned. There’s just one teensy little problem, you need to let me use your credit card. Daddy you know it’s pointless to resist when my lips touch your cock. You’re getting so hard watching me suck your cock it’s almost too big for my mouth. Does not that feel good Daddy? Ok now grab your credit card and meet me outside !! I asked daddy if I could borrow his credit card to get a couple things but he told me I would have to start paying off my debt towards him and all my shopping sprees. But I knew that he would love the new nurse outfit I just bought. I also thought it would distract him when I told him how much I spent. It did not work too well but daddy did fuck me so hard that I could not stop cumming on his cock. I love it when Daddy fills me with his load. Pervy Uncle Phil – I was laying in my room when my uncle Phil came in with a new pair of glasses. I thought they looked great on him. Thankfully he asked me if I wanted to have some fun so I happily took is offer and started sucking his cock. I love making him hard with my tongue. But I really love it when he stuffs his face in my little pussy and devours me with his mouth. There is nothing like feeling his cock inside me either. I always have so much fun when my Uncle Phil pounds my pussy. My Pervy Brother – Since daddy has been gone the garage has become a mess and my brother will not do a thing about it. Even worse, while I was looking in the mess for some pants my brother, Justin, kept staring at my ass. And it was not by accident either, which is fine by me. I love teasing my brothers cock. Licking it slowly, barely giving him anything and I know how bad he wants it. His big cock always feels so amazing thrusting in and out of my tight pussy. He always fucks me so good. I can never resist my brother’s cock.

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