Daddys Anal Princess (2015) WEBRip
MP4|848×480|2.88 GB

Country: USA
Directed by: JW Ties
Studio: Desperate Pleasures
Genre: Anal, Incest, Family Roleplay, Older Men, Teens, Tattooed, Alt Girls
Cast: Camille Black
Duration: 2:19:21

Description: She just wants daddy to fuck her ass! Daddy Says: My oldest and most rebellious daughter Camille got kicked out of college recently and since she has been back home she’s been nothing but trouble! From taking her innocent little brother Loki’s virginity, fucking her Uncle Phil, staying out all night partying, going to raves and constantly bitching about how I do not fuck her ass enough. I’ve had it, enough is enough! She is going to rehab until she is over this little phase of hers! Dear Diary, When I was younger I remembered Daddy always telling me "what Princess wants Princess gets." Well all this punk rock Princess wants is for her Daddy to fuck her ass a little bit more often! I have an idea! Maybe if I keep acting out Daddy will finally break, get the picture and give me what I need. Wish me luck diary! XOXO, Camille.

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